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Who We Are

What Is Lagom?

Lagom | Swedish | (adv) ['làg:om] just enough, just right

Our Mission

By investing in sustainable business practices, connecting with our community and providing peace to others, we strive to make the world a more fulfilled place, one cup at a time.

We consider our values in everything we do. Each value encompasses a different way of defining lagom. We think that including each of these varying definitions of lagom allows us to build a company that truly embodies every value we want to see in a better world. 


Our Story

The Lagom team searched for a long time to discover a word that encompassed the feeling that tea and hemp produced for us. We didn’t want to promise specific solutions. We wanted to describe what it felt like to have everything without having too much. We believe that our tea helps to put us in a headspace of appreciation. It helps us sleep so we can love the feeling of waking up. It helps us relax so we can feel gratitude for the times we spend with loved ones. It helps us feel less pain so that we can say thank you to each muscle and bone in our bodies for holding us together. Holistically, we wanted to describe the feeling of just enough.

Of course, the word existed, and in fact, it existed close to home. Uttered by one of our grandfathers in his mother tongue, in response to a sandwich. Lovingly and lightly. Lagom. It means just right or just enough in Swedish, and it is the word behind a cultural philosophy. It is a life of simplicity, sustainability and balance. Lagom is also the perfect word to describe how our tea makes us feel. And CBD in a cup of tea? That's just enough.