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We could not be Lagom without a passion for sustainability. In fact, sustainability is woven into the very spirit of the word lagom. Each element of our supply chain is rooted in environmental consciousness.


We source our tea from USDA certified organic sources. Organic sourcing is essential to us, because it means that our tea and herbs are grown without pesticides, which is a major contributor to environmental degradation in the tea industry. It also means that soil health is a consideration in growing our tea. In non-organic tea production, soil is often leached of essential nutrients, which are then replaced with inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. Those chemicals leak into water supplies and affect the ecosystems around them, not to mention the people consuming the tea. 

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We believe that creative reuse is essential to responsible consumption. Our tins are designed to fit in aesthetically with lots of different places in your space and we highly encourage you reuse them in a way that is inspiring to you. If you can't find a place for them in your home, they are 100% recyclable. Each tea bag is made from corn fiber and is 100% compostable. The freshness packaging around each tea bag is also recyclable. Check out our upcoming sustainability series on Blagom for fun ideas on reduction, reuse and recycling!